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Searching for the best Extra Virgin Olive oil and a great offer well how about free extra virgin olive oi. At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce, with care and love an incredible blended oil, that comes from our trees which range in age for 60 years to 12 years old. As a small farm in Maremma, Tuscany we know that quality oil is what you want, and we work to create our extra virgin olive oil. We produce normally around 800 litres of olive oil every year on our organic farm, and our blend gives our olive oil a distinct fresh peppery flavour with an incredible color and aroma which is

Are you looking to buy Italian olive oil, at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce extra virgin olive oil every year, created with care and only of the highest quality. All our olive trees are harvested by hand, and are looked after by ourselves, pruning, cleaning and ensuring they have organic fertilisers and treatments to keep them healthy, we believe in organic farming, and are happy that our customers enjoy our organic product range. No matter how much oil you need, or the size of bottle, we can help, we bottle and ship as required, keeping all our oil in temperature and climate controlled storage tanks until bottling is required, this

With olive harvest in full swing, we are busy collecting olives and taking them to the olive mill where the latest cold press machinery creates incredible olive oil from our delivered olives. Making the best olive oil is a science, and Fabrizio, the mill owner of Frantoio Rossi knows just how to keep his machinery working at maximum efficiency to ensure the oil created is premium quality. From the moment the olives enter the cold press process they are in a no oxygen environment, removing the issues that can occur through oxidization as the olives are processed, this is just one step towards making amazingly tasteful and flavorful olive oils

We always like to leave the natural habitat in the olive groves alone, not disturbed, we know it is home to so many animals, insects and flowers and having a healthy ecosystem I think goes a long way to reducing any need for pest control, we let nature do the work. Before the olive harvest we like to cut the grass to facilitate laying of the nets and basically navigating the olive grove and this year due to the early spring rains, that occurred very frequently, the grass really got some good growth in with some grasses growing up to 2metres. Laying the nets is very time consuming, so prior