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We always wanted to be farming without pesticides, and using organic methods, so it was with this mindset that we started our farm, and look after our crops, be they grapes, olives or vegetables. When we started talking to our agronomist Francesco, we discovered that our land had been certified BIO, so farmed organically, however unfortunately the yearly payments to keep the application on the land, had stopped meaning that the land was just normal farmland again, and we would need to start the application process from the beginning. Three years of monitoring Yes, three years of organic logbook keeping to document the seeds we use, the trees we plant and

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The Castagnoli theatre in Scansano (1854) is preparing to welcome you to a unique event for Italy, Tuscany, Maremma, and  are happy to present a special journey dedicated to the opera "Si dice in Italia” by composer Lawrence Siegel! It promises to be an inspiring presentation for families who like opera or simply love Italy and want to explore it in a new and fresh way. Participants get to attend the opera’s very first debut in a theatre (Teatro Castagnoli), with Dimitri Betti musical director. The event is part of the prestigious @Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale di Scansano. More details and to book, please visit Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale

I always try to save money where I can, particularly when it is working on jobs I know I can complete or have the time to take on. More recently, as we are still working through an ultra ever increasing project list on the farm, I have been careful with the extra work I say YES to take on in between my other jobs around the farm. I knew some time ago that it would soon be time to fertilise the grape vines prior to them having a snooze for the winter, this time of year they are taking up carbs and energy to be stored ready for next

As part of the farm plan to increase the amount of olives and grapes that we can harvest, we felt it was the right time to start adding some new olive trees. We decided that adding 200 new trees every year would be enough work for us to handle in the winter time, in between the other farm projects and work, and adding our trees in this way would slowly but steadily increase our olive crop yield. Reducing the risk of olive tree disease Adding the trees over time would also limit the financial risk incase any of the olive diseases that are becoming more prevalent in Europe would make

With the change in the hour, it seems the season has suddenly switched to cooler days, and much cooler evenings and the changing season means we are starting to receive regular rain, which although is good for all the plants, grasses and trees means that it can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to work on the ground doing vineyard work as the damage to the soil would be greater due to the boggy conditions. Ultimately working on the soil when it is waterlogged leaves scars that take forever to cover with grasses or the ground cover we sow, normally fava beans which as a cover crop in the vineyard