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Are you looking for the best olive oil in Italy? We know living in Maremma Tuscany that there are many farms around us producing incredible olive oils, all oils created are from trees in different soils, at different altitudes and from trees of different ages and olive types, so how is it possible to determine which is the best extra virgin olive oil in Italy? The environment has a big impact on Olive Oil flavour's and taste Italy is a large country made up of plains near the sea, mountainous regions and hilly areas in between, because of this reason its possible to enjoy amazing olive oils from all over

Do you want to help support our organic farm and help the environment? You can by assisting us to plant new Olive tree's thus increasing the amount of carbon our managed farmlands can absorb. Right now everyone is doing as much as they can to reduce their carbon footprint and slow the global warming that is occurring. At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we have land available that is perfect for the planting of olive trees, the right soil and conditions that our existing olive trees love. Adopt an Olive tree in Italy We have put together a great adoption plan, where you get amazing benefits while helping the environment, perfect as a

We work hard to look after and nurture our olive trees so that they can produce beautiful olives that can be turned into the highest quality 100% IGP Italian Extra Virgin Olive oil. When it comes to getting our olive oil to our clients we make sure that our produce arrives safe and sound. Shipping IGP Olive Oil Toscana around the world When shipping to clients around the world we place our olive oil in boxes, on strong wooden shipping pallets surrounded by layers of recycled cardboard, all this protection for our product aids in transportation as the oil is very heavy, anywhere from 150kg to over 400kg meaning that

With so many types of food products available, it can be hard to understand where your food is grown, was it grown sustainably and organically. We all have choices to make when it comes to supporting farmers who actively make sure they are working sustainably and in favor of the environment we all live in and growing organic food. Growing Organic food In order to ensure we are not only producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, and also working to maintain our soil and farm environment we wanted to let you know how we make sure that our products are organic, grown and produced sustainably. Our farm is currently