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So what is Oleotourism? Recently the phrase was taken in to law in Italy, so what does this mean for the future of olive tourism and what does it offer to visitors interested in the olive oil cycle? Oleotourism is the support, celebration and promotion of the olive oil industry and all its associated and relevant facets, from olive tree cultivation, tree growth, pruning, farms that operate olive oil businesses, agriturismo's that also create olive oil, olive oil mills and the companies and brands that work within the area of olive oil sales. Olive Oil as a destination In the same way the wine tourism exists and is known as

The olive groves at Tenuta Le Mandoraie are a really special place, trees that have stood the test of time, the seasons and every year after pruning after being provided with an organic environment that keeps healthy they deliver an incredible bounty of beautiful olives ready to be used in dishes, preserved or made into our special organic extra virgin olive oil. We offer you the chance to walk through the olive groves, learn about our cultivation and pruning techniques and get to really understand the importance of olive tress in our environment, we then site down to an incredible meal together under the Maremma sky, we serve a