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Tenuta Le Mandorlaie

Stay with us at our Vineyard Agriturismo in Maremma and enjoy Tuscan food, incredible wine, historic olive groves and vineyards all in peace and serenity

Maremma, Tuscany

Our Farmhouse agriturismo in Scansano ‘Tenuta Le Mandorlaie’ is surrounded by tranquility, serenity and rustic beauty, located in the heart of Tuscany’s Maremma.

Enjoy food prepared with organically grown produce, organic extra virgin olive oil and award winning red, white and sparkling wines including Morellino di Scansano DOCG.

Serenity and Tranquility in the Tuscan Maremma

Join us on our eco conscious #sustainable organic farm estate where you can relax under the Tuscan Sun, attend wine tasting's, eat incredible food and wine pairings, take incredible walks through the national parks and protected forests, cycling along the Maremmas many kilometres of white roads through spectacular scenery and nature.

Nature’s Tuscany

A stay in Lavender Cottage agriturismo in Maremma gives you the opportunity to immerse yourself in Tuscany’s Maremma which hosts many of Tuscany’s best vineyards and wineries, historic hilltop villages and ancient historic sites and  incredible Tuscan food and the blue flag beaches in Maremma, which are all conveniently close by.

Are you a Wine lover?

With so many great wines on offer from the Maremma Tuscany, we bring you the opportunity to carry out wine tasting's with our own guest sommelier or at any of the famous local vineyards. Experience with us the range of incredible wines born from this unique location, fed by cooling sea breezes and ripened under the warm Tuscan sun.

People with a dream
Olive Tress
Grape Vines
Sunny Hours per year


We had always wanted to become self sufficient and deliver quality products to those around us, fully believing in the km0 ethos, as well as bio and organic farming.


To ensure we conserve and add value to our environment and ecosystem we believe  in acting responsibly and work to ensure; sustainable farming practices, increased bio diversity, farming biologically, reducing soil erosion, working towards carbon neutrality and being self sufficient when it comes to energy creation efficient water usage.

Walking through the Olive Groves

Walking through the olive groves is a perfect way to start to your day, enjoy birdsong, the sounds of insect going about their business and maybe the gentle whisper of a cooling sea breeze rustling through the olive leaves. Oleotourism combines the experience of walking through the olive groves along with special meals, giving your the chance to be immersed in the Tuscan food experience.

Total Privacy

If you are looking for that vacation stay that offers total privacy, a stay at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie gives you the chance to be away from the crowds and have your privacy totally respected. If you need to discuss the chance to have that special Tuscan break that’s a real getaway, surrounded by nature then we can assist you with your requirements.

Organic Winemaking

Experience our organic wines, made with care and respecting the organic certification we have recieved

About Us

Its very rewarding but hard work to run and maintain an organic farm, and as a husband and wife team we use our time to continue to enhance the farms products and our guests experience. Whether it be pruning the olive tree’s, cutting the grass or harvesting the grapes, we work with our neighbors and friends when we need the extra hands to finish the largest jobs of the year.

Agriturismo Manager

I am Maltese and worked for most of my life in Malta, moving to Tuscany in 2019. I had always wanted to have somewhere that would allow guests to enjoy Tuscany, Our organic farm produces organic IGP extra virgin olive oil and IGT wine. I like to invite others to stay with us and help them enjoy the beautiful countryside of Maremma surrounding us. We are lucky to live in a beautiful unspoilt area well known for its scenic views and quaint country and hilltop villages. We are surrounded by olive groves and vineyards and we both look forward to seeing you here soon.

Farm Manager

It was a big move to create a new life in Tuscany with Marthese after bieng married for over 25 years living and working in Malta. We relocated so we could start our agriturismo and organic farm together, now I get to work with my talented wife and our team to make sure the farm estate is sustainable, organic and accessible to all who wish to stay. If you enjoy the Italian lifestyle, nature, Tuscany, food, wine and relaxing we look forward to seeing you soon.