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Agriturismo Maremma Tuscany

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Travelling to Maremma, Tuscany

If you are traveling in Maremma then a stay with us Tenuta Le Mandorlaie agriturismo Scansano Maremma should definitely be on your list of things to do and enjoy. We offer a stay in your own luxurious Lavender cottage surrounded by its own lawns, gardens, olive trees, sea views and views over the olive groves.

About Lavender Cottage

Step into the embrace of Lavender Cottage, your secluded sanctuary nestled amidst the picturesque landscapes of Tuscany’s Maremma region. Enveloped by the soothing scent of olive groves, this charming abode offers sweeping vistas of the Maremma coast, a sight to behold. Within its walls, discover a luminous open-plan living area, featuring a sumptuous double bed, a snug lounge, a well-appointed kitchen, and a luxurious ensuite bathroom complete with an invigorating shower.

What distinguishes us from the rest?

Our unwavering dedication to both sustainability and your utmost comfort. Powered by a robust 17kw solar panel array and 12kwh solar storage batteries, our energy-efficient heat pump ensures your heating and cooling needs are met while minimizing environmental impact. Relax upon the terrace, equipped with a BBQ for memorable outdoor dining experiences amidst Maremma’s tranquil vistas. Wander through your private garden, furnished with inviting sun loungers and a shaded pergola dining area, beckoning you to savor al fresco meals amid Tuscany’s splendor.

Indulge in the enchantment of Maremma’s starlit nights, unblemished by light pollution, and bask in the serenity of your surroundings. Lavender Cottage serves as your gateway to blue-flag Maremma beaches and historic hilltop towns, inviting exploration by car, bike, or foot. Engage in a plethora of activities ranging from horseback riding to diving, snorkeling, and hiking, immersing yourself in the wonders of the region.

About Tenuta Le Mandorlaie

Nestled within the expanse of Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, our sustainable vineyard farm, Lavender Cottage offers a glimpse into the marvels of Scansano. From our olive trees and grapevines, we yield IGP extra virgin olive oil and IGT wine, embodying our steadfast commitment to sustainability. Within our sustainable farm, we employ energy-efficient appliances and implement water-saving practices, while also cultivating vegetables and fruits for a genuine farm-to-table breakfast experience.

Conveniently positioned within reach of Pisa International Airport (193 km), Rome Leonardo da Vinci–Fiumicino Airport (202 km), and Grosseto fast train station (28 km), accessing Lavender Cottage is a breeze.

Please note, access for very low sports cars is not feasible.

agriturismo scansanoWe look forward to welcoming you

Thrilled to extend our warmest welcome as your hosts in the captivating Mandorlaie region of Maremma, enveloped by the idyllic rolling hills of Tuscany. Our dedication lies in crafting an exceptional fusion of serenity, opulence, and seclusion for your indulgence. Immerse yourself in the unadulterated splendor of Tuscany, where the symphony of nature, awe-inspiring sunrises and sunsets, and the pristine skies create the perfect backdrop for unforgettable evenings beneath a canopy of stars.

As stewards of your experience, we take great pride in curating a journey that transcends the ordinary. Delve into the essence of Maremma with immersive Italian culinary lessons and exclusive excursions through our captivating environs. Your sojourn transcends mere lodging; it’s an invitation to relish the authentic soul of Tuscany. Amidst Maremma’s rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, and artisanal farms, we offer insights to uncover the treasures of this gastronomic haven.

Savor the rich flavors of locally crafted cheeses, meats, fruits, and vegetables, as we unveil the hidden gems that make your getaway truly extraordinary. Our ardor extends beyond hospitality; it reverberates in the rhythm of our daily lives. Find solace in forest wanders, mushroom hunts, and the nurturing of our verdant vegetable patch.

Nestled amidst our orchard, discover a cornucopia of cherries, apples, figs, peaches, and plums that grace our tables during the spring and summer seasons. The bounty of our cultivated vegetables—from onions and garlic to tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, radishes, carrots, potatoes, melons, and artichokes—fuels our kitchen, ensuring a genuine farm-to-table encounter for our esteemed guests.

Your sojourn with us is a deep dive into the essence of Maremma, a voyage curated by hosts who embrace the allure of this land. Welcome to a retreat where each moment presents an opportunity to explore renowned vineyards such as Tenuta Ammiraglia Frescobaldi, Podere 414 Simone Castelli, MANDORLAIA (Massi di M.) Ferdinando GUICCIARDINI, La Mozza Bastianich, Poggio la Mozza, and Terenzi.

agriturismo wine tasting scansano MaremmaWine, food and History of Maremma

Embark on a captivating journey through Tuscany with our charming cottage, nestled just 6km from Scansano amidst a tapestry of hilltop villages, sprawling vineyards, and pristine coastlines. Immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of local culture, offering endless possibilities for a bespoke vacation tailored to your desires.

For wine aficionados, revel in the proximity to vineyards hosting enchanting wine tastings and immersive tours. Delve into the region’s rich heritage with visits to museums dedicated to the art of winemaking and olive oil production. Alternatively, venture into nearby national parks boasting scenic trails and meandering wine roads, perfect for an idyllic Tuscany road trip.

Craft your perfect day by exploring historic villages in the morning, indulging in a leisurely lunch at a new locale, and unwinding in the afternoon. Conclude your day with a delectable Maremma meal at one of the quaint restaurants nearby. Alternatively, soak up the sun at the famed Maremma blue flag beaches, savoring the clear waters and coastal dining experiences they offer.

For avid shoppers, the Mare’ma shopping mall beckons with its array of enticing stores. Food enthusiasts will be delighted by the authentic Maremma restaurants serving up tantalizing Tuscan and Maremma delicacies. Experience haute cuisine at establishments helmed by talented chefs who showcase their culinary prowess in this unique corner of Tuscany.

Our vicinity boasts numerous vineyards producing sustainable wines, with personalized tastings and vineyard tours available upon request. Nearby attractions include the Parco Regionale della Maremma, Saturnia Thermal Baths, Oasis WWF Naturale di Orbetello, and the breathtaking Maremma Coast.

Delve deeper into the cultural tapestry with visits to museums such as the Olive Oil Museum in Scansano, the Archaeological Museum and Art of Maremma, and the Museum of Natural History of the Maremma. Explore the local dining scene with esteemed establishments like Trattoria Le Mandorlaie, Franco E Silvana, L’Asino Vola, Il Grottone, and Il Rifrullo, each offering a unique culinary experience steeped in tradition and flavor.

agriturismo scansano cottage lavender kitchenNeed more information?

On our site if you would like more information about staying with us please visit these pages; ‘booking’, ‘rates’, ‘services’, ‘location and contacts’ or our extensive ‘Frequently asked Questions‘ page. If you have more specific questions for us, please use our ‘contact us’ page.

Your own cottage

Lavender cottage is perfect for a couple, and comes with all the amenities for a day stay or more if you want to relax and explore Maremma. Having been recently renovated we wanted to make it as luxurious as we could, and to include all the things we used to miss when staying in agriturismo’s in the past.

Lavender cottage is also heated and cooled with environmentally machinery having solar water heating and hybrid energy efficient heat pump cooling and heating.

lavender cottage tenuta le mandorlaie loungeWhen staying with us you also have the use of the pool which is situated infront of the main house lawn with its own sun shaded gazebo’s and lounge areas on the lawn. The pool also has sea views and views over the olive groves and is a great place to relax after a morning exploring the towns and villages of the area.

Maremma, celebrating Wine and Oil

We are located centrally just 8 minutes from Scansano with the sea and 30 minutes from the beautiful blue flag beaches of Maremma with many hilltop villages close by just ready to be explored. We are also surrounded by vineyards and olive groves where some of the worlds best wine is produced.

We are in the area of Mandorlaie and are surrounded by incredible vineyards, who offer wine tasting to visitors, or if you would like to enjoy typical Maremma dishes we have incredible authentic restaurants on our doorstep. With so much nature, calm and tranquility, a stay at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie will let you enjoy the peaceful side of Tuscany.

Pet Friendly agriturismo

We are also pet friendly,giving you the chance to bring your pet and be safe in the knowledge that they both have the space to explore the surroundings around the house, but also cannot go past the 30,000sq meter of area around the cottage and house that is fenced.

Please remember that if you are bringing your pet/s it is better is they are sociable with other dogs, and can ignore cats.

We find that due to the large spaces, territorial issues are not encountered, the dogs have their own space and can interact as they wish, and our cats just tens to stay out of the way of visiting dogs!