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Here at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we all work hard all year towards a very special event that occurs in autumn, around this time of year, its the Vendemmia. So what is Vendemmia? The word, vendemmia is the Italian word for the grape harvest and Italians consider it historically from the latin word vinum (wine) e demia, (from demere, to take). If you are looking at visiting Tuscany in mid to late September then you will be right on time to view and possibly take part in the Vendemmia as many smaller farms including Tenuta Le Mandorlaie let you get up close and personal with the grape and vine work that

Welcome to our Stiga e-ride S300 review, for the first three years of our time at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we have got by using a hand pushed mower from Stihl, it is battery operated and a mulching mower, it uses the same batteries as our Stihl strimmer and Stihl chainsaw, all in all we are still very happy with the mower and its performance, but mowing takes me around 3 hours and although I enjoy the exercise saving me time would be a great thing. So when it came to choosing a ride on mower, we had several option but were in the end led by the fact that

With the ever increasing cost of energy and our desire to create clean energy that we control, it was time to design and install a solar power system for Tenuta Le Mandorlaie. Why have a solar panel install to create our own energy? We have always had solar panel solutions on our previous homes, it was a way to both create green energy and also reduce our monthly outgoings which is a good as creating extra income every month. We also believe in try to be self supporting when it comes to energy, why pollute more when we can create green energy via solar. Now we live in Tuscany and operate

All year I think about how I can make the olive harvest easier on us, it is a very hard working and tough task that can take over three weeks with us working long hours every day and as a couple Marthese and I harvest olives from over 900 producing olive trees. This year there will be a big change, we are investing in olive harvesting tools from agritec, a local supplier from Manciano Grosseto and manufacturer of olive harvesting equipment. What does this mean for us, how we worked previously In the first year of olive harvesting we already had our tractor 'Red' and I thought the addition of a