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Creating Organic wine

It all started with a dream to create our own wine, we like complex wines, a wine that our family and friends would enjoy, a wine that would offer a flavor, aroma and look in the glass that we would enjoy and love and most importantly a wine that had something special, something that would say;

‘yes, I am a Tuscan wine and I come from the incredible land of Maremma’

So how do you start to put together a wine that ticks all these boxes and comes to you at a price that means we can all enjoy it?

We started by listing all the things we like in our wines;

  • the aroma’s, the smell of berries, the scent of oak and the look in the glass
  • it’s deep red colour, leaving its flavour around the glass as it moves, its got a good character and sticks to the glass proving some ideas from its wine legs that the wine will be strong and flavorsome
  • The taste, that initial oak taste combined with a hint of chocolate and the grape, still recognizable there and able to add to the complex taste explosion along with its smoothness, but with some leathery tannin.

capricci red wineDid we get it right?

We hope so, our first grapes were harvested in 2020 and then spent;

  • 12 months maturing in stainless tanks
  •  6 months in oak barrels
  • 3 months aging in the bottle

We hope you will enjoy ‘Capricci‘ our first IGT Toscana Rosso wine that will be available in early 2023, we know we like how they are maturing, soon you will too! We will be choosing bottles and designing labels this coming winter and are really looking forward to bottling our IGT Toscana Rosso wine.


All our products from Tenuta Le Mandorlaie are available to buy online in our online store.

As we grow, more quality products will be added so you can enjoy the taste of Maremma at home wherever you are.

Our IGT Toscana Wine Products