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Classic Adult Unisex Crewneck T-shirt

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Look great in one of of Tenuta Le Mandorlaie t-shirts, we always wanted to be able to offer a quality tshirt that could be enjoyed for all activities, this shirt really gets the job done, its comfortable, hard wearing and washes well.

Buy our products to Support Organic Farming – All revenues from Tenuta Le Mandorlaie merchandise products purchased from our store go towards projects on our farm in Maremma Tuscany, these include agroforestry projects, tree planting, hedgerow re-instatement, soil enrichment, water conservation projects and enhancing our farming techniques and strengthening the eco-systems around us.

Versatility, a prized trait in any wardrobe, is a hallmark of the adult unisex t-shirt. Its adaptability allows it to seamlessly integrate into various ensembles, effortlessly complementing different looks. Whether paired with jeans for a casual outing or tucked into a skirt for a more polished appearance, the unisex t-shirt effortlessly navigates the spectrum of style. Its versatility extends beyond fashion; it becomes a canvas for personalization, from graphic prints to DIY embellishments, transforming it into a unique expression of individual style.

The unisex t-shirt is not just a garment; it’s a cultural touchstone that transcends generations. Rooted in casual wear and sportswear, its enduring appeal spans the ages, from the exuberance of youth to the wisdom of adulthood. It is a timeless piece that connects the dots between diverse generations, carrying with it the nostalgia of classic styles while adapting to the ever-evolving landscape of contemporary fashion.

As a unisex garment, the t-shirt becomes a symbol of resistance, challenging the boundaries imposed by traditional fashion norms. It liberates individuals from the confines of gendered clothing, offering a choice that goes beyond societal expectations. This freedom of choice is not just a sartorial statement; it is a small yet significant step toward dismantling the rigid structures that have long defined the fashion industry. The unisex t-shirt becomes a symbol of rebellion, asserting the right to dress in a way that feels authentic and comfortable.

In an era marked by environmental consciousness, the unisex t-shirt emerges as a sustainable choice. Its enduring design and timeless appeal contribute to a longer lifespan, mitigating the ecological impact of fast fashion. As the world shifts toward a more mindful approach to consumption, the unisex t-shirt aligns with the principles of sustainability. It becomes a conscious choice for those seeking both style and an eco-friendly wardrobe.

Moreover, the unisex t-shirt seamlessly integrates into the contemporary landscape of remote work and digital communication. In the era of virtual meetings and digital interactions, the comfort and versatility of the unisex t-shirt make it a staple for those navigating the blurred lines between work and leisure. It becomes a reliable companion for video calls, providing a polished appearance above the webcam while maintaining a relaxed and comfortable feel below.

In conclusion, the adult unisex t-shirt is a remarkable article of clothing that transcends the boundaries of age, gender, and style preferences. Its simplicity, comfort, and versatility make it a wardrobe essential for everyone, offering a canvas for personal expression and a symbol of inclusivity. Beyond its tangible qualities, the unisex t-shirt becomes a cultural bridge between generations and a statement of resistance against rigid fashion norms. In a world that celebrates diversity and individuality, the unisex t-shirt stands as a timeless and indispensable garment, inviting everyone to embrace comfort, style, and the freedom to be themselves.



Tenuta Le Mandorlaie classic adult unisex t-shirt that works well with any outfit. Made of a heavier cotton with a double-stitched neckline and sleeves, it features:

– Rolled-forward shoulders for a better fit
– Stylish fitted sleeve
– Seamless double-needle collar
– Taped neck and shoulders for durability
– Tubular fit for minimal torque

This product is made on demand. No minimums.

Size guide

A) Length (cm) 71 74 76 79 81 85
B) Half Chest (cm) 46 51 56 61 66 71


A) Length (inches) 28 29.1 29.9 31.1 31.9 33.5
B) Half Chest (inches) 18.1 20.1 22 24 26 28

Care instructions

Wash – Machine wash warm (max 40C or 105F), wash garment inside out with similar colors

Tumble Dry – Low

Bleach – Only non-chlorine

Dry Clean – Do not dry clean

Iron – Do not Iron

In the vast tapestry of fashion, the adult unisex t-shirt emerges as a quintessential masterpiece, transcending the boundaries of gender, age, and style. It is not merely a garment but a canvas upon which personal expression and comfort converge in harmony. Let’s unravel the reasons why an adult unisex t-shirt stands as a beacon of versatility, making it an indispensable article of clothing for everyone to own and cherish.

At its core, the adult unisex t-shirt embodies the essence of simplicity. Stripped of excess and intricacy, it is a blank slate that welcomes individual interpretation and self-expression. In a world that often clamors for attention with elaborate designs and flashy patterns, the unisex t-shirt stands out as a testament to the beauty of understatement. This simplicity serves as a versatile foundation, allowing individuals to dress it up or down, depending on the occasion and personal style.

Comfort, the silent hero of clothing, takes center stage with the unisex t-shirt. Crafted from soft, breathable fabrics, it becomes a second skin, offering an embrace of ease that transcends gender distinctions. The relaxed fit and lightweight construction make it the go-to choice for various activities, from leisurely strolls to energetic workouts. It’s not merely an article of clothing; it’s a comforting cocoon that accompanies individuals through the ebb and flow of daily life.

In a world that celebrates diversity, the unisex t-shirt emerges as a symbol of inclusivity. By sidestepping the constraints of gender-specific designs, it fosters an environment where clothing is no longer a marker of division but a shared experience. This inclusivity is not a mere nod to societal progress; it is a celebration of individuality. The unisex t-shirt becomes a garment that unifies, regardless of age, gender, or style preferences, creating a sense of camaraderie in the shared experience of wearing a timeless piece.


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Additional information

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Military Green, Charcoal


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