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Maremma Tuscany

Visit Maremma Tuscany

Maremma SaturniaHilltop villages, verdant vineyards, and pristine beaches

Immerse yourself in the essence of Maremma, Tuscany, with a stay at our exquisite cottage, ideally situated just 6km from Scansano within the breathtaking landscapes of Tenuta Le Mandorlaie. Surrounded by a captivating tapestry of hilltop villages, verdant vineyards, and pristine beaches, your Tuscan adventure begins here.

Discover a wealth of cultural experiences tailored to your desires, from captivating wine tastings and tours at nearby vineyards to explorations of local museums dedicated to the art of winemaking and olive oil production. Embark on scenic walking or cycling trails through nearby national parks, or meander along picturesque wine roads, offering the perfect backdrop for a quintessential Tuscany road trip.

Craft your perfect day by exploring historic hilltop villages in the morning, indulging in delightful lunches at charming locales, and unwinding amidst the tranquil beauty of the afternoon. Conclude your day with a culinary journey through Maremma, savoring delectable meals at nearby restaurants renowned for their authentic Tuscan and Maremma dishes.

For beach lovers and shoppers alike, the renowned Maremma blue flag beaches and the Mare’ma shopping mall beckon with their allure. Delight in fine dining experiences at establishments owned by talented chefs who showcase their culinary expertise in this unique corner of Tuscany.

wine tasting MaremmaVineyard Tours & Wine Tastings

Our vicinity is dotted with numerous vineyards producing sustainable organic wines, where personalized tastings and vineyard tours await upon request. Nearby attractions include the Parco Regionale della Maremma, Saturnia Thermal Baths, Oasis WWF Naturale di Orbetello, and the awe-inspiring Maremma Coast.

Uncover the cultural richness of the region with visits to museums such as the Olive Oil Museum in Scansano, the Archaeological Museum and Art of Maremma, and the Museum of Natural History of the Maremma. Dive into the local dining scene with a culinary journey through esteemed restaurants like Trattoria Le Mandorlaie, Franco E Silvana, L’Asino Vola, Il Grottone, and Il Rifrullo.

Experience the magic of Maremma, Tuscany, with a stay at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, where every moment is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the vibrant tapestry of Tuscan culture and natural beauty.

Enjoy the captivating Mandorlaie region of Maremma, where Tenuta Le Mandorlaie awaits to be your gracious host amidst the rolling hills of Tuscany. Our commitment is to provide you with an unparalleled blend of serenity, opulence, and seclusion, ensuring a stay that exceeds your every expectation.

Maremma SunsetIncredible Star spotting and Sunsets

Immerse yourself in the untouched splendor of Tuscany, where nature’s symphony, breathtaking sunrises and sunsets, and the pristine skies create an enchanting backdrop for unforgettable evenings beneath a canopy of stars. As your hosts, we take pride in crafting an experience that transcends the ordinary. Delve into the heart of Maremma with Italian cooking lessons and exclusive tours within our captivating surroundings.

Your stay with us is more than just accommodation; it’s an invitation to savor the authentic essence of Tuscany. Amidst the rolling hills, vineyards, olive groves, and artisanal farms that adorn Maremma’s landscape, we offer insights to explore the treasures of this culinary haven. Indulge in the flavors of locally produced cheese, meats, fruits, and vegetables, guided by our expertise to uncover the hidden gems that make your vacation truly extraordinary.

Our passion extends beyond hosting; it resonates in the rhythm of our daily lives. Find joy in leisurely forest strolls, exhilarating mushroom foraging, and tending to our lush vegetable garden. Nestled within our fruit orchard, discover a bounty of cherries, apples, figs, peaches, and plums that grace our tables during the spring and summer months.

From onions and garlic to tomatoes, zucchinis, peppers, radishes, carrots, potatoes, melons, and artichokes, the vegetables we cultivate find their way into our kitchen, ensuring a genuine farm-to-table experience for our cherished guests. Your stay with us is an immersion into the soul of Maremma, a journey curated by hosts who wholeheartedly embrace the beauty of this land.

Welcome to a vacation where every moment presents an opportunity to explore renowned vineyards such as Tenuta Ammiraglia Frescobaldi, Podere 414 Simone Castelli, MANDORLAIA (Massi di M.) Ferdinando GUICCIARDINI, La Mozza Bastianich, Poggio la Mozza, and Terenzi.

Let Tenuta Le Mandorlaie be your gateway to a truly unforgettable experience in the heart of Maremma, Tuscany.

Book your Stay with us today or visit our online store and enjoy our IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil or IGT Oak Aged Wines.

Running the Farm estate of Mandorlaie is my full time job, ensuring that the grapevines, olive trees and vegetable garden is all healthy and producing excellent organic products for our clients. We produce Organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic wines which you can buy online.