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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Benefits for Children

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italian extra virgin olive oilItalian Extra Virgin Olive oil, the very best

Indulge your senses in the exquisite allure of Italian extra virgin olive oil, for at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, we embark on a timeless journey each year to craft the epitome of excellence—our extra virgin olive oil. Meticulously nurtured with unwavering devotion and discerning precision, we spare no effort in delivering only the finest quality.

Within the sprawling embrace of our estate, every olive tree is lovingly caressed by our hands, as we delicately harvest their precious fruits. With utmost care and unwavering dedication, we tend to their needs, meticulously pruning, cleansing, and providing them with fertilizers and treatments, ensuring their holistic well-being. For we ardently believe in the sanctity of farming, and it brings us immense joy to witness the satisfaction our customers derive from our esteemed range of products.

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Regardless of your desired quantity or the size of the vessel that encapsulates your desires, we stand poised to assist you. Through a meticulous process of bottling and shipping tailored to your specifications, we maintain our oil in immaculate condition within temperature and climate controlled storage tanks. This sacred ritual guarantees that the essence of our oil remains untainted, preserving its unparalleled quality.

Should the enticing prospect of acquiring our olive oil beckon to you, a virtual sojourn through our online shop awaits. There, you shall discover an exquisite array of choices, allowing you to select the ideal size and quantity that resonates with your desires. Simply provide us with your details, and like ethereal messengers, the products you seek will embark upon their journey to grace you.

Buying Italian extra virgin olive oil online

Furthermore, we are thrilled to present our Olive Oil 6 Pack Special offers, currently awaiting your perusal in our esteemed boutique. Within the hallowed confines of our shop, these extraordinary bundles invite you to delve into the opulence of our 250ml, 500ml, and 750ml bottle sizes.

With these irresistible deals, you not only revel in the opportunity to save money but also savor the pleasure of sharing or indulging in the abundance of our revered Maremma extra virgin olive oil.

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Our IGP Olive Oil Toscana products

Running the Farm estate of Mandorlaie is my full time job, ensuring that the grapevines, olive trees and vegetable garden is all healthy and producing excellent products for our clients. We produce Organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic wines which you can buy online.