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shurity reverse osmosis system

No more plastic bottles! Installing our Shurity Reverse Osmosis system

shurity reverse osmosis systemAt Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we have wanted to remove ourselves from the plastic bottle loop for some time, recently we decided to invest in a Shurity reverse osmosis system that would help us do this.

One of the worst items of waste that here in Italy we cant seem to reduce has been the plastic water bottles, purchase to provide drinking water, even though the water from the tap is good for drinking, it seems that many, if not all would rather pay for their water and have it delivered in plastic bottles.

Reverse Osmosis system, from Shurity Italia

When looking for a system we found the Shurity Oklahoma that ensured it could deliver what we wanted, in the end we determined that the Shurity system had these requirements;

  • Would deliver clean still, cold and sparkling water
  • easy to install
  • easily maintained
  • counter top size
  • low current draw when on standby
  • thermostat controlled refrigeration
  • include connection to re-chargeable Co2 bottles
  • included an inline pre-filter

Technical features of the Shurity reverse osmosis system

The system has a ‘Water stop system’ this ensure that if there are any water leaks it blocks the system, preventing water leaks for causing damage.

Shurity Electronic control unit

Control of each phase of operation and control of the quality of the water supplied, to guarantee absolute safety and protect your health in the best possible way.

Self Cleaning built in

As is the case with all reverse osmosis systems, inactivity is not their friend as the membranes used can be clogged and ultimately become impossible to operate, therefore the Shurity system has a Self-flushing system to flush the membranes automatically in case of prolonged inactivity, this is an awesome feature.

More detail on all the system technical specifications;

  • Cooling system: Dry Aluminum Block
  • Refrigeration system: hermetic with static condensation
  • Hermetic compressor: 1/12 HP
  • Cooling power: 155 W
  • Nominal production: 80 l / h
  • Chilled water production: 25 l / h
  • Low pressure switch
  • V220 150 Psi 110 l / h booster pump
  • Membranes for osmosis: 2 x 180 GPD Pressure regulation valve
  • Work pressure gauge
  • Control unit with control system and anti-flooding system
  • Max conductivity of water inlet 2000 TDS
  • Min / max water inlet pressure: 2.5 bar – 3 bar
  • Operating pressure: 8 – 10 bar
  • Dimensions: 20 (L) x55 (W) x44 (H)
  • Power supply: 230V – 50 Hz
  • Max absorbed power: 180 W

shurity installation kitWhat do you get in the Shurity installation kit

We decided to install our reverse osmosis unit from Shurity ourselves, with some electrical and plumbing experience we determined that it was possible. The installation kit is purchased separately from the main unit, and it contains;

  • Shurity Sky Blue Filter
  • Shurity Sky blue filter 8mm head
  • DigiFlow 8000T liter counter
  • 8mm water inlet hose
  • 6mm co2 tube
  • Fitting T F.F.M. 3/8 ″ • 3/8 ″ – 3/8 ″
  • black handle mini ball valve
  • Teflon roll of plumbers thread sealing tape
  • Mounting screws
  • Gas Cylinder – 2Kg cylinder, refillable with Standard Coupling + pressure reducer + adapter

Installation of the Shurity Oklahoma unit

We determined that the unit could fit on our counter top, in an area next to the sink, giving us under counter access to the water feed needed, as well as the waste water outlet also required, the other plumbing requirement was the pipe for the gas, and a plug to connect the units electricity cord to.

Installation of the Shurity Oklahoma system unit* was as follows;

Water connection

  • Disconnect your cold water feed (once turning the feed supply off) and install the three way adapter, install the black handled ball valve onto the adapter and reconnect your tap feed, then connect the pipe that feeds water into the Shurity Oklahoma reverse osmosis unit, use the teflon thread sealing tape on all joints
  • From the black ball valve install a piece of pipe that will connect to the DigiFlow 8000T liter counter
  • From the exit of the DigiFlow 8000T liter counter, connect a pipe to the filter mount, this is the Shurity Sky blue filter 8mm head
  • From the exit of the Shurity Sky blue filter 8mm head run the thin pipe into the system unit, to the ingress port marked as H20 in.

Waste water out connection

  • Drill a small 6mm hole in the sink waste out pipe, install the supplied waste out adapter onto the pipe remembering to apply the foam sealing pad, connect the pipe to the unit, and to the waste adapter

Gas cylinder connection

  • Run the C02 gas supply pipe to the cupboard you will be using to store the cylinder, always keep these cylinders upright.

Electrical connection

  • Connect the electricity and turn the unit on

*Importantthis is not a how to, or detailed description of the installation, we are not professionals and you should seek advice before attempting any plumbing or electrical work when installing your unit.

Shurity Oklahoma Reverse Osmosis system counter top unit review

It has now been several days since we installed the system, it has been great so far, the water is clean, pure and when you want its cold or cold and fizzy! Here are some of our thoughts;

The PRO’s of the Shurity unit so far are;

  • no more plastic bottles!
  • incredible sleek design, simple and fits in well in any kitchen
  • fast delivery of all types of water
  • low noise when in reverse osmosis operation
  • low electricity usage in normal and standby operation
  • refrigeration unit is on for very small periods of time, and is very quiet
  • the gas usage to create carbonised water seems minimal

CONs so far are;

  • On/Off switch is inaccessible being hidden in the back of the unit (I rewired the power cord via a switch under the counter top to control the power on/off for the unit)
  • Drip tray did not come with rubber feet so slides around on marble top
  • Operation buttons, although very efficient and of excellent quality need to be depressed quite far to operate

Note: This is not a paid advertisement, or an affiliate post and we receive nothing from Shurity for the post and review, we just want to do our bit for the environment, if you do too and are interested in a reverse osmosis unit, then check out the range from Shurity.it

Running the Farm estate of Mandorlaie is my full time job, ensuring that the grapevines, olive trees and vegetable garden is all healthy and producing excellent organic products for our clients. We produce Organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic wines which you can buy online.