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Harvesting Olives, when? When we start to see the olives changing colour from green to black, we decide when to harvest olives. The trees in our land are separated by distance, location and some by altitude and all these individual or combined factors, lead to differences in; heat cool access to sea breezes humidity changes Machinery used for olive harvesting in our organic Olive groves In order to move forward with new technology and to help us work more efficiently, this year we invested in lithium-ion powered harvesting tools, these harvesting head tools are mounted on poles giving us up to 3.5m height in order to harvest the top

We chose to partner with Frantoio Rossi for the creation of our extra virgin olive oil as it is vital when creating the very best IGP Olive oil Toscana to work with an olive oil mill that is determined to produce the very best extra virgin olive oil. Are'nt all olive oil mill's the same? Think that all olive mills where the same? well they are most definitely not, first comes the passion and history, generations working to produce local products that they are proud of, as well as investment in the very latest machinery to ensure the olives are treated correctly from initial washing, to olive paste and then

As a small organic farm in Maremma Tuscany we need to continually look at ways to support our farms income, whether that be via the creation of olive oil or the growing of grapes to make wine or planting and growing vegetables to be used in the farm kitchen and thus reduce our food expenses through to preserving water and the creation of energy via our solar PV panels and battery storage solution. Vineyard application As we were able to apply to plant a new vineyard area, we did so, it was complex and in the end took over 6 months before we knew if we had been authorized to

At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we have wanted to remove ourselves from the plastic bottle loop for some time, recently we decided to invest in a Shurity reverse osmosis system that would help us do this. One of the worst items of waste that here in Italy we cant seem to reduce has been the plastic water bottles, purchase to provide drinking water, even though the water from the tap is good for drinking, it seems that many, if not all would rather pay for their water and have it delivered in plastic bottles. Reverse Osmosis system, from Shurity Italia When looking for a system we found the Shurity Oklahoma that ensured

Buy IGP Olive Oil Toscana online We are looking forward to harvesting our olives this year, allowing us to create IGP Olive Oil Toscana, the certified extra virgin olive oil of Tuscany, however it has been a tough year for our trees along with all who are suffering from the climate change that is affecting us all whether you are a farmer or infact in any industry, here in Maremma Tuscany we had extended periods of heat and very little rain, at one point for over 4 months. The rain arrived in Maremma, just in time However, we were very fortunate that rain did arrive at the right time and ensured

We are now very excited to advise all our friends, customers and customers that from the 2022 olive harvest our Extra virgin Olive Oil Toscana has now been accepted and certified IGP Olive Oil Toscana. So what does IGP mean? IGP stands for 'Protected Geographical Indication' which is a trust mark to show that the olive oil source has been checked and verified by an authorized independent industry standard body. Every bottle produced at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie has a numbered code which can be used on the IGP Toscana certification body website to trace the bottle back to its source, giving the consumer a level of trust and understanding of

Are you planning your beautiful wedding in Tuscany and looking for a venue to hold you wedding party. Perhaps you want to be surrounded by nature in the Tuscany countryside with rolling countryside as far as the eye can see and filled with olive groves and vineyards. If this is you, then we can offer you Tenuta Le Mandorlaie in Maremma, the unspoilt Tuscany. Your wedding in Tuscany We want to help make your wedding in Tuscany as special as it can be, we understand that it can be very stressful planing your event and want to use all our local resources to make it is incredible for you as

At Tenuta Le Mandoralie our Extra Virgin Olive oil, also known as EVOO is created exclusively from the first, cold press which is performed within 6 to 12 hours of harvesting,  our olives are crushed into an olive pulp using only mechanical force in a water cooled high tech olive oil machine press. So what is the difference between Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil? We are often asked what is the difference between Virgin Olive Oil and Extra Virgin Olive Oil? Olives destined to become Extra Virgin Olive Oil are cold pressed crushed while maintaining a temperature of less than 27 C (80.6 F) it then becomes