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Extra Virgin Olive Oil Tenuta Le Mandorlaie

What is IGP Extra Virgin OIive Oil?

igp olive oil toscana extra virgin olive oilHow can I ensure the quality of the IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil I buy?

IGP stands for “Indicazione Geografica Protetta,” which is a European Union certification that denotes a specific geographic origin and quality of a food product. In the case of olive oil, IGP indicates that the olives used to make the oil were grown in a specific region and that the oil was produced using traditional methods that are characteristic of that region.

Olive oil labeled as IGP Olive Oil is made from olives that are grown in a specific region in Italy, typically in the southern part of the country. The olives used to make IGP Olive Oil must meet strict quality standards, and the oil must be produced according to traditional methods that have been used in the region for generations.

Overall, IGP Olive Oil is considered to be a high-quality product that is known for its unique flavor and aroma, which is a result of the specific growing conditions and traditional production methods used in the region.

What is the IGP label for Olive Oil in Tuscany?

The IGP label for Olive Oil in Tuscany isToscano IGPor “Tuscan IGP” in English. This designation indicates that the olive oil is produced in the Tuscany region of Italy, and meets specific criteria regarding the olive varieties used, the production methods, and the sensory characteristics of the oil. The Tuscan IGP label is recognized throughout the European Union as a protected designation of origin, or PDO, which means that only olive oil produced in Tuscany according to these specific criteria can legally be labeled as such.

Is IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil the same as Extra Virgin Olive Oil?

igp extra virgin olive oilNo, IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is not the same as Extra Virgin Olive Oil. IGP (Indicazione Geografica Protetta) is a certification that indicates the geographical origin of the olive oil and certifies that the product has been produced, processed, and prepared in a specific geographic area according to certain quality standards.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil, on the other hand, is a quality grade of olive oil that is determined by the chemical and sensory characteristics of the oil. To be classified as Extra Virgin, the oil must be made from pure, cold-pressed olives without any chemical treatment or refinement, and it must meet specific chemical and sensory criteria, such as low acidity, a fruity flavor, and no sensory defects.

Therefore, IGP Extra Virgin Olive Oil is a type of Extra Virgin Olive Oil that meets the production and quality standards required for IGP certification, but not all Extra Virgin Olive Oil is IGP certified. It is possible for an olive oil to be Extra Virgin and not have any geographical certification, or to have a different geographical certification.

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