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Heavy rain across Europe In July you do not normally expect rain showers, but with the ever changing weather patterns of the world, the recent bad weather that caused loss of life in many European countries arrived to us, albeit with less strength and less water dropped. Fortunately for Tuscany, the wind strengths and the rain were low, it did rain consistently for a day, or around 12 hours, but soon diminished but it still aided the growth of the vegetables in our kitchen garden, with all the plants looking seriously stronger after the rain. Peaches and Pears The fruit trees also started to look like they were ready to give

If you are planning a trip or Tuscany vacation then its always good to check on what the weather will be like for the period of your stay. The weather in Tuscany is generally mild to warm with little rain in the summer months. The temperatures range from 12°C degrees average in the winter months to 34°C in summer months. The hottest months are July and August when temperatures can reach 34°C. So is it better to visit Tuscany in the spring? the summer? Autumn? We know that weather can be different due to the geological makeup of Northern Tuscany, Central Tuscany and the Southern Tuscan Maremma regions, in