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Creating a wine that tells our story It is certainly no secret, we enjoy our wines! Marthese and I have been enjoying wines together throughout Italy since we were married over 25 years ago. We find that wines go with memories of friends, of events, of locations, sunsets, restaurants or special moments in our lives that we celebrate. Our Wine journey In the time that we have been together, our wine journey we think, has been much like anyone else who started out tasting and drinking wine with little knowledge of the wine world and its complexities of choice, we started enjoying sparking wine and white wines and slowly understood the

Summer is upon us, the heat is on, those hot days and cool evenings when its just right to relax and enjoy food and wine with friends in nature. That said, all year is special when you are in Maremma surrounded by nature but the balmy summer evenings with guests and friends are made even more special when accompanied by great food cooked by Marthese, and some incredible organic wine, supplied by the vines and earth around us. What will we be doing this August at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie? Although it will be the time of holiday for most of Italy (in August most companies all close at the same time,

Its an incredible time of year, veraison, when we start to see the color appearing in the grapes, it is the transition from berry growth to berry ripening and is a physiological stage in the grapevines life cycle that is also shown by a change in both the appearance and hardness of the grape. Grape size During this phase the size of the grape is set, smaller berries are favoured in order to make high quality wine as there is a better 'skin to juice' ratio which combines to give the wine a better structure and concentration of flavor. Do all grapes ripen together? Not all grapes bunches ripen at the

Enjoy wine and food holiday experiences Most of us travel to experience new locations, senses, smells and many of us when having our vacations enjoy planning the chance to savor and learn about local cuisine and wines. Research has shown that up to 70% of us (when we travel) seek to taste new foods and experience new wines, with this in mind we are always working to add more chances for our guests at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie to experience Maremma food and wine, as well as enjoy enotourism and oleotourism, the celebration and enjoyment of learning about the creation of the incredible extra virgin olive oil and organic wines that

Heavy rain across Europe In July you do not normally expect rain showers, but with the ever changing weather patterns of the world, the recent bad weather that caused loss of life in many European countries arrived to us, albeit with less strength and less water dropped. Fortunately for Tuscany, the wind strengths and the rain were low, it did rain consistently for a day, or around 12 hours, but soon diminished but it still aided the growth of the vegetables in our kitchen garden, with all the plants looking seriously stronger after the rain. Peaches and Pears The fruit trees also started to look like they were ready to give

Are you looking to stay in the area of Scansano, with so much to see and do putting yourself in this special area of Maremma, Tuscany gives you the chance to explore many hilltop and historic towns, go to the coast with is only 30 minutes away, or explore the many walking and cycle tracks in the Maremma national park and the area surrounding it, infact anything is possible when you position yourself in the area of Scansano. Tenuta Le Mandorlaie is a Scansano agriturismo and is just 8 minutes from Scansano and overlooks the area of Mandorlaie, with views to the sea and over olive groves and vineyards.

As part of ensuring that Tenuta Le Mandorlaie supported and grew the eco systems around our farm it was always my plan to add bee's to the farm in order to aid with pollination and to add another quality product to sell to our customers online and from our farm directly, the sale of Italian honey. I have been studying beekeeping online and reading as much as I can as well as talking to an italian beekeeper mentor who helpfully answered questions gave advise and with whom I could bounce ideas off for our new apiary. So it was early spring, I had ordered 3 hives, bee keeping suits

So what is Oleotourism? Recently the phrase was taken in to law in Italy, so what does this mean for the future of olive tourism and what does it offer to visitors interested in the olive oil cycle? Oleotourism is the support, celebration and promotion of the olive oil industry and all its associated and relevant facets, from olive tree cultivation, tree growth, pruning, farms that operate olive oil businesses, agriturismo's that also create olive oil, olive oil mills and the companies and brands that work within the area of olive oil sales. Olive Oil as a destination In the same way the wine tourism exists and is known as

At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie it was always our dream to make an incredible organic extra virgin olive oil that we could use to support our income as farmers and that all our friends and family could have an organic extra virgin olive oil available to them. Over the first two years at our new farm home we worked hard to get all the trees happy and in production, are we finished yet, no, but that is OK, it will take us many years to get all the trees back to full health, and with over 900 trees and 5 varieties of olives, it is a continual process of pruning

[caption id="attachment_11057" align="alignleft" width="300"] olive trees at tenuta le mandorlaie[/caption] Wandering through the Olive trees at our home Tenuta Le Mandorlaie is magical for me, these trees that deliver amazing olives every year, in reality require little care of treatment, left alone they would still grow, live, produce olives and have a long life span. Since the olive tree became important as a commodity, its health benefits have been known worldwide for centuries and with the boom of shipping it soon became a worldwide product with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil commanding the highest prices. Olive Tree care There are many schools of thought when it comes to pruning