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Pruning olive trees is a crucial aspect of their care and maintenance, influencing not only their overall health but also the quality and quantity of the olives they produce. Pruning serves various purposes, from shaping the tree to improving air circulation and sunlight penetration. In this comprehensive guide, we will explore the when and how of pruning olive trees, delving into the science, techniques, and best practices to ensure a bountiful harvest and healthy groves. Understanding the Olive Tree Growth Cycle Before delving into the specifics of when and how to prune olive trees, it's essential to comprehend the natural growth cycle of these evergreen wonders. Olive trees typically follow

Trattoria Le Mandorlaie, now offers Capricci Embarking on the challenging journey of introducing our exquisite Capricci IGT Toscana Rosso red wine to discerning palates across the globe, particularly in esteemed restaurants, has proven to be an immensely fulfilling endeavor. The sheer elation derived from celebrating each milestone along this arduous path is truly indescribable. One such momentous occasion was when the proprietor of Trattoria Le Mandorlaie, an esteemed connoisseur of wines, tasted, savored, and promptly added our exceptional wine to their illustrious wine collection. This resounding endorsement served as an affirmation of our belief that Capricci effortlessly complements the rich tapestry of their historic Maremma cuisine. Nestled in the charming