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What does Sangiovese wine taste like

Red wine from Tuscany for my wedding

Red wine from Tuscany for my weddingThe perfect Tuscan red wine for your wedding

Embark on a transcendent journey into the realm of romance and celebration as you discover the exquisite allure of Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso—a remarkable red wine from Tuscany that will grace your wedding with elegance and enchantment.

Prepare to indulge in the finest Tuscan wines hailing from the picturesque region of Maremma, Italy. Experience a symphony of flavors that transport your senses to the heart of Tuscany, where the captivating Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso awaits. Crafted with meticulous care by the esteemed Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, this wine transcends the ordinary, elevating your cherished moments to extraordinary heights.

Immerse yourself in the beguiling tale behind Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso’s creation. Within the idyllic locality of Scansano, in the Mandorlaie vineyards, hand-harvested grapes are nurtured with passion and reverence. Composed primarily of 90% Sangiovese, harmoniously blended with other exquisite red and white grape varieties, this full-bodied masterpiece captures the essence of its birthplace.

Witness the transformation as this remarkable wine matures gracefully, spending twelve months in stainless steel vats before being lovingly aged for an additional six months in French Oak barrels. Its journey culminates with three months of refinement in the bottle, where it unveils its true magnificence. Serve it at the perfect temperature of 18°C, and with every sip, savor the essence of Tuscan craftsmanship.

About Capricci from Tenuta Le Mandorlaie

Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso 2021 embodies the principles of sustainability, paying homage to the environment that nurtured its creation. Grown on vines that have flourished for over five decades, these grapes bask in the radiant sunlight of vineyards overlooking the majestic Maremma sea. The unique combination of clay and sandy soil, coupled with the gentle touch of rainfall, imparts a flavor profile that is unparalleled—a testament to the extraordinary quality of this wine.

Break free from the conventional boundaries with Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso 2021. While some may perceive IGT wines as lesser, this exceptional creation defies expectations, capturing the essence of its birthplace without the constraints of strict regulations. It embraces the freedom to innovate and excel, standing as a true testament to the land from which it derives.

To embark on your journey of discovery, venture into Tenuta Le Mandorlaie’s secure online shop—a sanctuary where you can explore the enticing offers that await you. Uncover the enchantment of Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso and immerse yourself in the world of this distinguished Tuscan winery. Renowned for their commitment to crafting products of unparalleled excellence, including their exceptional olive oil, Tenuta Le Mandorlaie invites you to savor the magic they bring forth.

Capricci, something special for your wedding

Indulge in the harmony of tradition and innovation that defines Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso, bearing the mark of the esteemed IGT classification. This designation celebrates the wine’s origin, granting winemakers the freedom to embrace diverse grape varieties and unleash their creativity in the winemaking process. It is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, where the essence of Tuscany is artfully expressed.

At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie’s secure online shop, you can not only immerse yourself in the world of captivating Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso but also discover the riches of their exceptional IGP extra virgin olive oil. Crafted with the same dedication and commitment to quality, this olive oil guarantees its origin from a specific geographic area, adhering to rigorous production methods that have become synonymous with the name Tenuta Le Mandorlaie.

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Running the Farm estate of Mandorlaie is my full time job, ensuring that the grapevines, olive trees and vegetable garden is all healthy and producing excellent organic products for our clients. We produce Organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic wines which you can buy online.