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Wine bottle shock, so what is bottle shock?

wine bottle shock, what is it?Bottle shock, so what is it?

Bottle shock, also known as “bottle sickness” or “travel shock,” refers to a temporary condition that can affect the taste and aroma of wine after it has been bottled or transported. It typically occurs when a wine is subjected to agitation or exposure to oxygen during bottling, shipping, or handling.

The process of bottling wine involves various steps, such as filtration and fining. These steps can introduce oxygen into the wine, which can lead to chemical reactions and changes in the wine’s flavor and aroma profile. Additionally, the physical movement and vibration during transportation can further disturb the wine, exacerbating the effects of oxygen exposure.

Bottle shock can cause the wine to lose some of its nuances, resulting in muted or disjointed flavors and aromas. The wine may taste closed or tight, with diminished fruitiness and complexity. This condition is usually more noticeable in delicate or young wines that have not yet fully integrated their flavors.

Bottle shock is temporary

Fortunately, bottle shock is temporary, and the wine typically recovers its original characteristics with time and exposure to air. Allowing the wine to rest undisturbed in the bottle for a few days to weeks can help it regain its balance. This process is often referred to as “settling” or “recovering” from bottle shock.

It’s worth noting that not all wines experience bottle shock, and the severity and duration of the condition can vary. Some robust or older wines may be less affected by bottle shock due to their inherent stability and maturity.

To minimize the risk of bottle shock, we take precautions such as minimizing oxygen exposure during bottling, ensuring proper sealing of the bottles, and using appropriate packaging materials for transportation to you when you purchase our wines.

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