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Bottle shock, so what is it? Bottle shock, also known as "bottle sickness" or "travel shock," refers to a temporary condition that can affect the taste and aroma of wine after it has been bottled or transported. It typically occurs when a wine is subjected to agitation or exposure to oxygen during bottling, shipping, or handling. The process of bottling wine involves various steps, such as filtration and fining. These steps can introduce oxygen into the wine, which can lead to chemical reactions and changes in the wine's flavor and aroma profile. Additionally, the physical movement and vibration during transportation can further disturb the wine, exacerbating the effects of oxygen

Here at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we all work hard all year towards a very special event that occurs in autumn, around this time of year, its the Vendemmia. So what is Vendemmia? The word, vendemmia is the Italian word for the grape harvest and Italians consider it historically from the latin word vinum (wine) e demia, (from demere, to take). If you are looking at visiting Tuscany in mid to late September then you will be right on time to view and possibly take part in the Vendemmia as many smaller farms including Tenuta Le Mandorlaie let you get up close and personal with the grape and vine work that

Its the time of year when we start looking at pruning our vines at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie in Maremma, Tuscany. The vines have been sleeping well since the cold nights we have had this year have been numerous, and it take a certain number of cold night in order for grape vines to be dormant long enough to get ready for their next growth season, so how do we carry out Vineyard frost protection. As we are in mid January the  nights are still cold, with several -2 and -3 nights already passed, and some more minus degree nights on the way, this can be expected to continue in