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Making wine, our first wine creation

Creating a wine that tells our story

It is certainly no secret, we enjoy our wines! Marthese and I have been enjoying wines together throughout Italy since we were married over 25 years ago. We find that wines go with memories of friends, of events, of locations, sunsets, restaurants or special moments in our lives that we celebrate.

Our Wine journey

In the time that we have been together, our wine journey we think, has been much like anyone else who started out tasting and drinking wine with little knowledge of the wine world and its complexities of choice, we started enjoying sparking wine and white wines and slowly understood the fragrances, colors and flavors of the wines we liked, it was mostly grass, straw, honey, that sort of thing, natural things we enjoyed and found in nature.

We progressed slowly onto red wines over our first winter together and started on light reds, with little body but lots of aroma, we moved quickly onto red wines that were more full bodied and full or flavor with a hint of tannin, with flavors and aromas we liked being chocolate, dates and raspberries. At this time we were drinking wines based on recommendations, and looking at reviews, so it was time for us to start trying wines more freely in order to really find those wines that interested us. I think we did a good job, now we order wine based on experience and history, although sometimes still also from recommendations.

Creating a wine we would like

Early on in our discussions we decided to create a wine that our friends and ourselves would enjoy. This would mean the wine would be complex, full bodied, oak aged and full of textures and aromas that would make it interesting on the nose, and on the palette. How would we get to this point, well it started with detailing what we like in a wine, and moved on towards getting an understanding of how to get these flavors and aromas into our wine, this of course is where we needed the help of someone with wine creating experience.

Our first wine, how to create it

The practical side of creating a great wine comes with many decisions, our main grape would be Sangiovese, with another variety added for flavor and complexity, we have already been nurturing our grapes, and hope that this September we have a harvest that will allow us to produce several thousand bottles of wine. Of course this wine will be in production for at least 18 months, as we wanted to produce a wine that was aged, a reserve.

Right now we are still deciding on which partner can assist us with the creation of the wine, store the wine, and eventually bottle the wine, but we are working hard to find the right team that will help us produce the first Tenuta Le Mandorlaie reserve wine.

I will definitely add more news on the wines production, on our website blog, instagram and facebook, please follow us for all the latest updates.



Running the Farm estate of Mandorlaie is my full time job, ensuring that the grapevines, olive trees and vegetable garden is all healthy and producing excellent products for our clients. We produce Organic extra virgin Olive Oil and Organic wines which you can buy online.