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Creating a wine that tells our story It is certainly no secret, we enjoy our wines! Marthese and I have been enjoying wines together throughout Italy since we were married over 25 years ago. We find that wines go with memories of friends, of events, of locations, sunsets, restaurants or special moments in our lives that we celebrate. Our Wine journey In the time that we have been together, our wine journey we think, has been much like anyone else who started out tasting and drinking wine with little knowledge of the wine world and its complexities of choice, we started enjoying sparking wine and white wines and slowly understood the

Summer is upon us, the heat is on, those hot days and cool evenings when its just right to relax and enjoy food and wine with friends in nature. That said, all year is special when you are in Maremma surrounded by nature but the balmy summer evenings with guests and friends are made even more special when accompanied by great food cooked by Marthese, and some incredible wine, supplied by the vines and earth around us. What will we be doing this August at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie? Although it will be the time of holiday for most of Italy (in August most companies all close at the same time,

At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we run a project worklist that we update and monitor, we have to as there are many projects that are fast and fun, some that need attention daily in order to move forward and some that will not be able to be completed until we have the correct approval from our commune planning offices. All in all, we are running an farm, and earn our revenues from the sale of the products we create, right now that is extra virgin olive oil and wine. This means that time spent on projects that are for the enhancement of the agriturismo are completed, worked on