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Heavy rain across Europe In July you do not normally expect rain showers, but with the ever changing weather patterns of the world, the recent bad weather that caused loss of life in many European countries arrived to us, albeit with less strength and less water dropped. Fortunately for Tuscany, the wind strengths and the rain were low, it did rain consistently for a day, or around 12 hours, but soon diminished but it still aided the growth of the vegetables in our kitchen garden, with all the plants looking seriously stronger after the rain. Peaches and Pears The fruit trees also started to look like they were ready to give

I enjoy my kitchen garden, its true that Marthese takes care of it, but seeing what she wants to grow, her planning and helping move the seedlings, install the drip irrigation system and then weeding, means I do get to spend some time there. The vegetables we grow are seasonal, we grow what can be grown, we move our food intake along with the seasons, in summer lots of vegetables grow, and from this we take the opportunity to preserve as many as we can in different ways, in brine, as chutney, in olive oil. This gives us vegetables from the summer in winter, which we appreciate greatly. As the

We work hard to bring the best km0 produce to our guests, and to do this as well as working with local suppliers we also maintain and grow our own vegetables. This ensures that we grow seasonal fresh produce that is and of the highest quality. The kitchen garden was created in order to grow a variety of edible plant and vegetables and we also work to grow new plants and seedlings through the winter months in our greenhouse. we enjoy seeing our plants grow and be destined for the table, as well as making chutneys, jams and pickles. During the summer months we use our tomatoes to make