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Terrone Restaurant, Birgu If you are looking for incredible dishes created with passion, then a visit to eat at Terrone is on the cards, serving up incredible fresh fish and meat dishes, this Mediterranean restaurant really brings to your table tastes and flavours. Situated in historic Birgu, right on the waterfront eating outside on the terrace gives you an amazing experience, surrounded by the honey colored stone walls of Valletta you are immedsed in history, and it makes the perfect location to enjoy the highly talented menu offered by Terrone. An incredible. wine list awaits also with excellent service ad we would recommend booking in order to be able to enjoy

Our farm is a family farm, we work hard to make sure that we are working sustainably and with care to produce our amazing extra virgin olive oil to a very high standard. We are reliant on our product being enjoyed by those that purchase it, we are off course supported financially by the sale of our products. We are always looking for others who are passionate about KM0 quality products and wish to sell or use our olive oil in their restaurant or distribute to their customers. We want to give you the best information on where you can find our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so decided to