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There are always jobs to do around the farm With so many jobs you think we would be working non stop, well its not far off that but we always make time for the work that really needs doing such clearing areas of weeds and brush whilst leaving enough for the wildlife of course or making soil that the kitchens vegetable garden is ready to take the fast growing seedlings, clearing any dead wood and cutting/storing for next winters fire, monitoring the vines and the olive trees and working on house projects and maintenance. One of our favorite jobs is planting trees There is nothing better than planting a tree that

Are you looking for high quality food products Are you a food importer or food distributor looking for high quality products? at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie - Scansano, Tuscany we create high quality extra virgin olive oil on our organic farm. We are currently looking for partners to help get our incredible olive oil out to even more appreciating clients, contact us directly for more details

Terrone Restaurant, Birgu If you are looking for incredible dishes created with passion, then a visit to eat at Terrone is on the cards, serving up incredible fresh fish and meat dishes, this Mediterranean restaurant really brings to your table tastes and flavours. Situated in historic Birgu, right on the waterfront eating outside on the terrace gives you an amazing experience, surrounded by the honey colored stone walls of Valletta you are immedsed in history, and it makes the perfect location to enjoy the highly talented menu offered by Terrone. An incredible. wine list awaits also with excellent service ad we would recommend booking in order to be able to enjoy

Sylvia Azzopardi Fisheries Ibragg Local fish shop delivering high quality fish to its customers, a family run shop that prides itself on having an excellent selection of the best fish and shellfish, definitely worth a visit when you are looking to create that amazing fish dish, either on the bbq, oven or in the pan. facebook +356 2138 2448 4 Triq l Uqija Ta' l-Ibrag

With so many types of food products available, it can be hard to understand where your food is grown, was it grown sustainably and organically. We all have choices to make when it comes to supporting farmers who actively make sure they are working sustainably and in favor of the environment we all live in and growing organic food. In order to ensure we are not only producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, and also working to maintain our soil and farm environment we wanted to let you know how we make sure that our products are organic, grown and produced sustainably. Our farm is currently going through

Tenuta Le Mandorlaie is located just 15 minutes from Scansano, in Maremma Tuscany, and on our organic farm we produce extra virgin olive oil from our 1000 olive trees. We ensure that our trees are cared for and that we only use the very best organic methods to reach our target of creating amazing EVOO that we can sell direct to our clients, both in Italy and in other countries around the world. Our Olive Oil is a blend of olive cultivars, all of which are mostly prevalent only in the region of Tuscany, the blend gives us the chance to combine incredible mono cultivar oils into a blend

Our farm is a family farm, we work hard to make sure that we are working sustainably and with care to produce our amazing extra virgin olive oil to a very high standard. We are reliant on our product being enjoyed by those that purchase it, we are off course supported financially by the sale of our products. We are always looking for others who are passionate about KM0 quality organic products and wish to sell or use our olive oil in their restaurant or distribute to their customers. We want to give you the best information on where you can find our Extra Virgin Olive Oil, so decided to

Searching for the best Extra Virgin Olive oil and a great offer well how about free extra virgin olive oi. At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce, with care and love an incredible blended oil, that comes from our trees which range in age for 60 years to 12 years old. As a small farm in Maremma, Tuscany we know that quality oil is what you want, and we work to create our extra virgin olive oil. We produce normally around 800 litres of olive oil every year on our organic farm, and our blend gives our olive oil a distinct fresh peppery flavour with an incredible color and aroma which is

Are you looking to buy Italian olive oil, at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce extra virgin olive oil every year, created with care and only of the highest quality. All our olive trees are harvested by hand, and are looked after by ourselves, pruning, cleaning and ensuring they have organic fertilisers and treatments to keep them healthy, we believe in organic farming, and are happy that our customers enjoy our organic product range. No matter how much oil you need, or the size of bottle, we can help, we bottle and ship as required, keeping all our oil in temperature and climate controlled storage tanks until bottling is required, this