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Are you thinking of moving to Italy, are you already relocating or maybe you are looking to open a business in Italy, are you a SME, a farming entrepreneur or a digital nomad? Bureaucracy in Italy One of the first things you will find, when you research opening a business in Italy, is the feedback from others that running a business is too complex due to the added bureaucracy in Italy, so is this true? From experience, and talking to our legal and accountancy professionals, it is known that operating a business in Italy is certainly no easy task, and keeping track of legal framework changes, pension changes, tax changes and

We live in a world where producing food for the ever increasing population in a way that is sustainable and protects our environment has seen steps taken by governments all around the world to try to introduce ways to help farmers to increase food yield and decrease their carbon footprint, so what is HubFarm. As a farmer, why invest in technology? In all countries we start to see new programs and supported projects to assist farmers in making the most from the land that they work. Italy is definately focusing on creating opportunities for farmers to get access to the technological tools that will help all italian farmers, with the

Well its finally cold, infact we are sitting at 2degrees outside today, and tonight it will be -1, its the time of year when the days are short and the nights cold and long. The project list is shorter. this year, but there are still many to get through. Keeping our kitchen garden running in the winter Yesterday, we spent some time making sure the greenhouse was nice and secure, and closed up a few gaps to stop the cold wind getting in, we also replanted some aubergine and Chili plants into the greenhouse alongside the tomatoes that have been doing well in there all year, and we can confirm,