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With so many types of food products available, it can be hard to understand where your food is grown, was it grown sustainably and ally. We all have choices to make when it comes to supporting farmers who actively make sure they are working sustainably and in favor of the environment we all live in and growing food. Growing Organic food In order to ensure we are not only producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, and also working to maintain our soil and farm environment we wanted to let you know how we make sure that our products are , grown and produced sustainably. Our farm is currently

Are you looking for the best Italian olive oil, on our farm Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we work hard to bring you the very best product. We have over 1000 trees, although not all of the trees give us olives every year, but at the moment we are able to produce between 650 and 800 litres of extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil is cold pressed, within 6 hours of harvest, we work with a local olive mill that has invested in the very latest equipment and filtering tools which allows them to produce the very best olive oil, something that we focus on. We want to produce