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Its late August and after a difficult year looking after the vines, mostly due to the changing weather conditions and lots of flip flopping with the weather, rain, then heat, then ice, then heat, then rain, it was just never settled weather. Infact even in July when the summer heat should have meant we could have a break from keeping the vines free from fungus we still had rain and heat, rain and heat. As only our second year with our vines it was a steep learning curve to keep the vines safe. Now, moving into the end of August it is great to see healthy grapes bunches on the

Creating a wine that tells our story It is certainly no secret, we enjoy our wines! Marthese and I have been enjoying wines together throughout Italy since we were married over 25 years ago. We find that wines go with memories of friends, of events, of locations, sunsets, restaurants or special moments in our lives that we celebrate. Our Wine journey In the time that we have been together, our wine journey we think, has been much like anyone else who started out tasting and drinking wine with little knowledge of the wine world and its complexities of choice, we started enjoying sparking wine and white wines and slowly understood the

Creating Organic wine It all started with a dream to create our own wine, we like complex wines, a wine that our family and friends would enjoy, a wine that would offer a flavor, aroma and look in the glass that we would enjoy and love and most importantly a wine that had something special, something that would say; 'yes, I am a Tuscan wine and I come from the incredible land of Maremma' So how do you start to put together a wine that ticks all these boxes and comes to you at a price that means we can all enjoy it? We started by listing all the things we like