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Are you ready for your spring, summer or autumn break in Tuscany. Whatever time of year you decide to come and explore Tuscany brings different colours, events, foods and opportunities to relax in the most beautiful scenery ever. With so many great things to do from wine tasting, touring, walking, cycling and enjoying art, museums and glorious nature is there really a reason not to book Agriturismo in Tuscany online now. Booking your Tuscan holiday online,securely Tenuta Le Mandorlaie has recently added online booking to our website, giving you the opportunity to view available dates and book easily online. We offer 2 rates, refundable and non refundable, there is a

The Castagnoli theatre in Scansano (1854) is preparing to welcome you to a unique event for Italy, Tuscany, Maremma, and  are happy to present a special journey dedicated to the opera "Si dice in Italia” by composer Lawrence Siegel! It promises to be an inspiring presentation for families who like opera or simply love Italy and want to explore it in a new and fresh way. Participants get to attend the opera’s very first debut in a theatre (Teatro Castagnoli), with Dimitri Betti musical director. The event is part of the prestigious @Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale di Scansano. More details and to book, please visit Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale