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The Castagnoli theatre in Scansano (1854) is preparing to welcome you to a unique event for Italy, Tuscany, Maremma, and  are happy to present a special journey dedicated to the opera "Si dice in Italia” by composer Lawrence Siegel! It promises to be an inspiring presentation for families who like opera or simply love Italy and want to explore it in a new and fresh way. Participants get to attend the opera’s very first debut in a theatre (Teatro Castagnoli), with Dimitri Betti musical director. The event is part of the prestigious @Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale di Scansano. More details and to book, please visit Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale

Enjoy incredible wines, wine tasting Tuscany, the home of incredible wines from the worlds best vineyards. With so much great wine it can be hard to choose which vineyards to visit for your wine tasting experience, but this is obviously a personal choice to be made based on the types of wine you enjoy. Many of the vineyards are close in proximity to Tenuta Le Mandorlaie giving you the opportunity to enjoy the wine and vineyard tour without having to drive for many hours, which is always a plus when there is so much to see and do in Maremma or if you would rather relax by the pool with

Tuscany offers many concert and musical festivals through the year, and no matter where you are in Tuscany, you can be assured that there is an event you will love. Music, as important as air In Italy music and culture is as important as air and food, the ability to enjoy music is set in the culture of Italians, and because of this there are many musical institutions that work hard every year to bring us amazing concerts in the most beautiful locations. Support for Music culture Many cities and even smaller localities organise there own events which are supported by the comune or city, it is really good to see artists

If you are a lover of music, then when you are in Tuscany the series of concerts organised that make up the Morellino Classica Festival Internazionale di Scansano should definitely be on your list of what to do in Tuscany. This year 2021 is the 10th year of the festival, it has been delivering incredible indoor and outdoor concerts during the summer months, and through to new years evening in locations that can only be described as stunning. Incredible artists The artists come from a variety of countries, European from further afield, from quartets, opera singers, grands pianists, brass, guitar and harp, we have attended amazing concerts that never fail

The olive groves at Tenuta Le Mandoraie are a really special place, trees that have stood the test of time, the seasons and every year after pruning after being provided with an environment that keeps healthy they deliver an incredible bounty of beautiful olives ready to be used in dishes, preserved or made into our special extra virgin olive oil. Dinner in the Olive grove We offer you the chance to walk through the olive groves, learn about our cultivation and pruning techniques and get to really understand the importance of olive tress in our environment, we then site down to an incredible meal together under the Maremma

There is so much to do in Tuscany, theatre, music, arts, history, beaches, spa's, golf, flying, horse riding, hiking, cycling, sailing, bird watching and outdoor pursuits we want to ensure that we provide as much information as possible to let you enjoy your stay in Tuscany We hope you find the information useful, below are links to all the sections we have created Beaches in Tuscany Cycling in Tuscany Play Golf in Tuscany Maremma National Park Music in Tuscany Our IGT Toscana Wine Products [products limit="8" columns="4" category="Capricci Toscana IGT Rosso" cat_operator="AND"]

If you are staying with us then you are minutes away for an incredible experience in nature. The Maremma Regional Park bring you walking and cycling paths, horse riding events and tours as well as access to incredible beaches stretching for the length of the park along the Tuscan coast. With so much to do, planning is definitely a requirement, but then turn up, get started and enjoy the closeness with nature in the unspoilt area known worldwide as wild Tuscany.

We bring you incredible Cooking courses in Tuscany all taught at Tenuta le Mandorlaie where you will learn to cook the Maremma Tuscan way using fresh ingredients. Courses are structured to be fun but give you the opportunity to create amazing Tuscan dishes, we create most courses around a stay of 3 or 5 days. Please see our courses below; Pasta and Sauces Join us to create your own spectacular home made pasta delivered together with the best sauces of the region. Split over 3 or 5 days the pasta and sauces course gives you the opportunity to not just cook, but to also experience Maremma Tuscany through visits to the

Tuscany delivers when it comes to amazing formal and nature inspired gardens, view our list of the best gardens to visit in Tuscany. Obviously some gardens are spring gardens, therefore visiting at this time of year you would see more than in the height of the summer, that said all gardens are maintained and therefore have plants that show throughout their specific period of the year, so there is always a great show put together by talented and hard working gardeners. Boboli Gardens - Florence. Directly behind Pitti Palace are the incredible Boboli Gardens. The Medici family established the gardens, and created the Italian garden style that became