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Are you looking for high quality food products Are you a food importer or food distributor looking for high quality products? at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie - Scansano, Tuscany we create high quality extra virgin olive oil on our organic farm. We are currently looking for partners to help get our incredible olive oil out to even more appreciating clients, contact us directly for more details

In these times when it seems that everything is either in short supply, or increasing in cost just how is this affecting the production of farm products? As a BIO Organic farm we are restricted in what we can use when it comes to fertilizers and care products, that does not mean that we do not spend on products, infact even prior to the recent price increases it was always more expensive for us to find BIO organic approved products for our vines, trees and land care. So what are we seeing as the major concern going forward, well for now, costs will stay the same, if not increase further

Tenuta Le Mandorlaie is located just 15 minutes from Scansano, in Maremma Tuscany, and on our organic farm we produce extra virgin olive oil from our 1000 olive trees. We ensure that our trees are cared for and that we only use the very best organic methods to reach our target of creating amazing EVOO that we can sell direct to our clients, both in Italy and in other countries around the world. Our Olive Oil is a blend of olive cultivars, all of which are mostly prevalent only in the region of Tuscany, the blend gives us the chance to combine incredible mono cultivar oils into a blend

Searching for the best Extra Virgin Olive oil and a great offer well how about free extra virgin olive oi. At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce, with care and love an incredible blended oil, that comes from our trees which range in age for 60 years to 12 years old. As a small farm in Maremma, Tuscany we know that quality oil is what you want, and we work to create our extra virgin olive oil. We produce normally around 800 litres of olive oil every year on our organic farm, and our blend gives our olive oil a distinct fresh peppery flavour with an incredible color and aroma which is

Are you looking to buy Italian olive oil, at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce extra virgin olive oil every year, created with care and only of the highest quality. All our olive trees are harvested by hand, and are looked after by ourselves, pruning, cleaning and ensuring they have organic fertilisers and treatments to keep them healthy, we believe in organic farming, and are happy that our customers enjoy our organic product range. No matter how much oil you need, or the size of bottle, we can help, we bottle and ship as required, keeping all our oil in temperature and climate controlled storage tanks until bottling is required, this