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Welcome to our website and our IGP Olive Oil Toscana Online store, where you can place your trust in obtaining the finest 100% Organic Italian extra Virgin Olive Oil. Explore our Italian Extra Virgin Olive Oils, renowned for their captivating aroma, flavor, and origins rooted in the pristine landscapes, climatic conditions, and geographic richness of Maremma, Tuscany. Our platform ensures secure shopping and offers swift delivery options, making it easier than ever to share these exquisite products with your friends and family. Why Opt for IGP Toscana Italian Olive Oil Our assortment of olive oils stands as a testament to excellence, meticulously handpicked by our panel of discerning tasting experts. We've

Are you looking for the best Italian olive oil, on our farm Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we work hard to bring you the very best product. We have over 1000 trees, although not all of the trees give us olives every year, but at the moment we are able to produce between 650 and 800 litres of extra virgin olive oil. Our olive oil is cold pressed, within 6 hours of harvest, we work with a local olive mill that has invested in the very latest equipment and filtering tools which allows them to produce the very best olive oil, something that we focus on. We want to produce

Are you looking to buy Italian olive oil, at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we produce extra virgin olive oil every year, created with care and only of the highest quality. All our olive trees are harvested by hand, and are looked after by ourselves, pruning, cleaning and ensuring they have fertilisers and treatments to keep them healthy, we believe in farming, and are happy that our customers enjoy our product range. No matter how much oil you need, or the size of bottle, we can help, we bottle and ship as required, keeping all our oil in temperature and climate controlled storage tanks until bottling is required, this