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There are many tasks that need to be done in our vineyard throughout the year to ensure healthy vines and a bountiful harvest, thus giving us the chance to make incredible wine. Here is an overview of the typical vineyard work in the Tenuta Le Mandorlaie vineyard, by season: Spring Vineyard work Spring is a crucial time in our vineyard as it sets the stage for the growing season ahead. Here are some of the typical tasks that we as vineyard owners and workers undertake during the spring season: Pruning: This is the process of removing unwanted shoots and canes from the vines to encourage new growth and maintain the

There is never a dull moment in the vineyards and orchards at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, every month we have vineyard work tasks to achieve in order to assist our plants, to keep them healthy and to hopefully produce a great crop. So what are we working on in April and May Irrigation installation - As our vineyards were planted over 70 years ago, it is important that we help them survive through droughts that we are tending to experience every few years here in Maremma. In order to do this I have designed an irrigation system that will water 5 rows of vines at a time, this allows me to

With the change in the hour, it seems the season has suddenly switched to cooler days, and much cooler evenings and the changing season means we are starting to receive regular rain, which although is good for all the plants, grasses and trees means that it can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to work on the ground doing vineyard work as the damage to the soil would be greater due to the boggy conditions. Ultimately working on the soil when it is waterlogged leaves scars that take forever to cover with grasses or the ground cover we sow, normally fava beans which as a cover crop in the vineyard

Lots of work with vines is very labour intensive, from pruning, clearing the wires of old cut vine shoots from last season, aerating the soil and adding cover crops to get nitrogen into the soil, fertilising when needed before the grapes start budding. At the moment the task in hand for Marthese and I is that the vines leaf cover is starting to get in the way of the tractors working area, as well as stopping any treatment used getting to the grapes, this means the start of  tying back of the vines. To do this, we walk the vines and position the grapes vine shoots into the wires