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With olive harvest in full swing, we are busy collecting olives and taking them to the olive mill where the latest cold press machinery creates incredible olive oil from our delivered olives. Making the best olive oil is a science, and Fabrizio, the mill owner of Frantoio Rossi knows just how to keep his machinery working at maximum efficiency to ensure the oil created is premium quality. From the moment the olives enter the cold press process they are in a no oxygen environment, removing the issues that can occur through oxidization as the olives are processed, this is just one step towards making amazingly tasteful and flavorful olive oils

We want you! Running our farm estate is hard but rewarding work, we strive to keep all our work inline with organic farming practices to ensure the ecosystem is healthy. In the end we think we produce an incredible IGP extra virgin olive oil, with an incredible taste as well as our reserve 2021 IGT wine* which we believe will be a wine you will enjoy, and your friends and customers will too. If you are a food and drinks reseller, importer or distributor who works with Italian Olive Oil products or Italian wines then we think our products will be a great addition to your product folio, we know