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All year I think about how I can make the olive harvest easier on us, it is a very hard working and tough task that can take over three weeks with us working long hours every day and as a couple Marthese and I harvest olives from over 900 producing olive trees. This year there will be a big change, we are investing in olive harvesting tools from agritec, a local supplier from Manciano Grosseto and manufacturer of olive harvesting equipment. What does this mean for us, how we worked previously In the first year of olive harvesting we already had our tractor 'Red' and I thought the addition of a

Join us at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie for an Olive tree planting holiday and enjoy being surrounded by nature in unspoiled Maremma Tuscany, eat Tuscan food with us and plant incredible Olive trees. Why run this sort of holiday break As a small family farm the payment for your olive tree planting break will ultimately be funding the purchase of the trees, your holiday break itself is our thank you for helping the environment around us. It is our goal to plant trees and what better way than sharing the experience of the olive groves with others. All trees planted will have been ally grown, and are certified virus free More detail, Itinerary Day

As part of the farm plan to increase the amount of olives and grapes that we can harvest, we felt it was the right time to start adding some new olive trees. We decided that adding 200 new trees every year would be enough work for us to handle in the winter time, in between the other farm projects and work, and adding our trees in this way would slowly but steadily increase our olive crop yield. Reducing the risk of olive tree disease Adding the trees over time would also limit the financial risk incase any of the olive diseases that are becoming more prevalent in Europe would make

With olive harvest in full swing, we are busy collecting olives and taking them to the olive mill where the latest cold press machinery creates incredible olive oil from our delivered olives. Making the best olive oil is a science, and Fabrizio, the mill owner of Frantoio Rossi knows just how to keep his machinery working at maximum efficiency to ensure the oil created is premium quality. From the moment the olives enter the cold press process they are in a no oxygen environment, removing the issues that can occur through oxidization as the olives are processed, this is just one step towards making amazingly tasteful and flavorful olive oils

We always like to leave the natural habitat in the olive groves alone, not disturbed, we know it is home to so many animals, insects and flowers and having a healthy ecosystem I think goes a long way to reducing any need for pest control, we let nature do the work. Before the olive harvest we like to cut the grass to facilitate laying of the nets and basically navigating the olive grove and this year due to the early spring rains, that occurred very frequently, the grass really got some good growth in with some grasses growing up to 2metres. Laying the nets is very time consuming, so prior

After the hectic time of the grape harvest, where we harvested all our grapes which are now fermenting and are fast on their way to becoming Tenuta Le Mandorlaie's first Reserve wine, its now time to do some maintenance around the olive trees in readiness for the olive harvest. We never forget how hard our olive trees are working, first they to choose to flower over making more foliage, and then they choose to hold onto the olives that are right now increasing in size and getting ready to harvest and be made into our incredible extra virgin olive oil. This weeks work is cleaning under the olive trees,

[caption id="attachment_11057" align="alignleft" width="300"] olive trees at tenuta le mandorlaie[/caption] Wandering through the Olive trees at our home Tenuta Le Mandorlaie is magical for me, these trees that deliver amazing olives every year, in reality require little care of treatment, left alone they would still grow, live, produce olives and have a long life span. Since the olive tree became important as a commodity, its health benefits have been known worldwide for centuries and with the boom of shipping it soon became a worldwide product with the highest quality extra virgin olive oil commanding the highest prices. Olive Tree care There are many schools of thought when it comes to pruning