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We are quite often asked about our vineyard, that was planted over 70 years ago, for us it is an incredible place, one where time has stood still and the vines with care are still producing incredible grapes.  We imagine a wine as a symphony of grape varieties dancing together in a harmonious blend, each contributing its unique note to create a masterpiece. Now, enter the enchanting world of "field blend" wines – a vinous expression that goes beyond the conventional boundaries of single-varietal wines. In the vast vineyard of oenology, a field blend is not merely a wine; it's a sensorial voyage, an ode to diversity, and a

Its the time of year when we start looking at pruning our vines at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie in Maremma, Tuscany. The vines have been sleeping well since the cold nights we have had this year have been numerous, and it take a certain number of cold night in order for grape vines to be dormant long enough to get ready for their next growth season, so how do we carry out Vineyard frost protection. As we are in mid January the  nights are still cold, with several -2 and -3 nights already passed, and some more minus degree nights on the way, this can be expected to continue in

Its hard learning and working, but as it is our first year I think we managed to at least learn fast, in order to help us deliver a crop this year and assist us next year, and in the following years. All in all we want to create an wine that we will enjoy and I think we will accomplish this. So what did we learn from the season of grape care, pruning, green pruning, protection and harvesting, here goes! As a BIO Organic farm, early preventative treatment is the only weapon you have against disease, treat when the conditions could be prevalent for the start of infections.

This is our first vendemmia (grape harvest) that will go towards creating our own wine. It has been an exciting time working to get everything ready for the day of harvest, getting the cassette (collection boxes) ordered, cleaned and placed in the rows ready to be filled with incredible grapes. On the day it was an early start, we kicked off at 6am and by 9am already had a good head start on thew day, we had some friends and neighbors over to help us and we worked hard in the sun. Luckily there was a cool breeze blowing and the event was nice, chatting to the person opposite you

We want to work with you! Running our farm estate Tenuta Le Mandorlaie in Maremma Tuscany is hard but rewarding work, we strive to keep all our work inline with farming practices to ensure the ecosystem is healthy. In the end we produce an incredible IGP extra virgin olive oil, with an incredible taste as well as 'Capricci' our Sangiovese field blend IGT wine* which we believe will be a wine you will enjoy, and your friends and customers will too. If you are a restaurant, delicatessen, food and drinks reseller, importer or distributor who works with Italian Olive Oil products or Italian wines then we think our