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We always wanted to be farming in the way known as BIO, or Organic so without pesticides, and using organic methods, so it was with this mindset that we started our farm, and look after our crops, be they grapes, olives or vegetables. When we started talking to our agronomist Francesco, we discovered that our land had been certified BIO, so farmed organically, however unfortunately the yearly payments to keep the application on the land, had stopped meaning that the land was just normal farmland again, and we would need to start the application process from the beginning. Three years of monitoring Yes, three years of organic logbook keeping to document

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I always try to save money where I can, particularly when it is working on jobs I know I can complete or have the time to take on. More recently, as we are still working through an ultra ever increasing project list on the farm, I have been careful with the extra work I say YES to take on in between my other jobs around the farm. I knew some time ago that it would soon be time to fertilise the grape vines prior to them having a snooze for the winter, this time of year they are taking up carbs and energy to be stored ready for next

At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie it was always our dream to make an incredible organic extra virgin olive oil that we could use to support our income as farmers and that all our friends and family could have an organic extra virgin olive oil available to them. Over the first two years at our new farm home we worked hard to get all the trees happy and in production, are we finished yet, no, but that is OK, it will take us many years to get all the trees back to full health, and with over 900 trees and 5 varieties of olives, it is a continual process of pruning

With the changing weather conditions due to global warming, we see that the seasons are changing and can be more erratic than before, it used to be weather had its own calendar known well and used by farmers worldwide, now however it is more different. Our vines and trees all need water in the right quantity at the right time, and from the time of rain forward they need access to water stored in the ground, so how do we help them have the water that they need up until the summer months and maybe beyond? Our Soil, storing water Our soil drains well which the vines like, what is not

It has been a busy week here at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie, finally the weather and temperature has arrived, meaning no more heavy rain and humidity that could affect our grapevines. Many fungal related issues on vines come from the climatic conditions, so it is nice to have some hot dry weather. Work on the farm this week also included the construction of a staircase between the house and the service road, giving easier access to the orchard and vine grove, the stairs were created using local Maremma honey coloured sandstone found around the property and we feel it really fits into the environment, it's construction using stones that were

Maremma has been known as nature's Tuscany for generations, its unspoiled views over the many olive groves, vineyards and nature reserves reaching all the way to the protected beaches mean that touring and exploring in Maremma offers something for everyone. Food and wine are famous in Maremma, with hearty meals of pasta and meat all locally sourced, and for wine there are many fine both young and aged DOCG and IGT wines available including the Morellino di Scansano DOCG from the Scansano area. If this is your first time in Maremma we hope to offer you extensive details on all the touring roads, walks, cycle opportunities, spa's and health clubs

[vikbooking roomid="1" view="roomdetails" lang="en-US"] Luxury and privacy Lavender cottage offers you luxury and privacy and is perfect for a couple. The cottage is close to the main house but is set in its own garden which is surrounded by lavender bushes and roses, acacia and olive trees. There is also a lawn for relaxing and a table and chairs under the gazebo's shade so you can eat outside. You could also choose to relax and take in some sun on your lawn on the sun lounger's. Lavender Cottage, it's 'History' The building that has now become our luxurious cottage was once an outbuilding used as the olive oil press and oil storage.