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Its the time of year when we start looking at pruning our vines at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie in Maremma, Tuscany. The vines have been sleeping well since the cold nights we have had this year have been numerous, and it take a certain number of cold night in order for grape vines to be dormant long enough to get ready for their next growth season, so how do we carry out Vineyard frost protection. As we are in mid January the  nights are still cold, with several -2 and -3 nights already passed, and some more minus degree nights on the way, this can be expected to continue in

Its hard learning and working, but as it is our first year I think we managed to at least learn fast, in order to help us deliver a crop this year and assist us next year, and in the following years. All in all we want to create an organic wine that we will enjoy and I think we will accomplish this. So what did we learn from the season of grape care, pruning, green pruning, protection and harvesting, here goes! As a BIO Organic farm, early preventative treatment is the only weapon you have against disease, treat when the conditions could be prevalent for the start of infections.

Its an incredible time of year, veraison, when we start to see the color appearing in the grapes, it is the transition from berry growth to berry ripening and is a physiological stage in the grapevines life cycle that is also shown by a change in both the appearance and hardness of the grape. Grape size During this phase the size of the grape is set, smaller berries are favoured in order to make high quality wine as there is a better 'skin to juice' ratio which combines to give the wine a better structure and concentration of flavor. Do all grapes ripen together? Not all grapes bunches ripen at the

Many of us dream of Tuscan sunsets or relaxing next to the pool or on the beach whilst enjoying an amazing Tuscan view over the olive groves and vineyards, and enjoying your favorite Tuscan wine. Travelling to Tuscany for many means wine, food, history, culture and enjoying the Italian way of life while we are on vacation and to full experience how it is to live and work in Italy the tasting and enjoying of wine should definitely be high on your list fo things to enjoy. With so many amazing Vineyards producing incredible wines it can be hard to choose where to start, we always recommend taking part