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What farm jobs in Tuscany are we going to work on next? Every month is busy, but those leading up to the harvest of the grapes and the harvest of the olives are the hardest, there is lots of preparation in order to make these tasks go smoothly. Now that the harvests are successfully behind us, we move onto getting other time specific projects completed, these are mostly relating to trees, vines or soil, so here goes, what will we be looking to achieve over the coming 3 months. Normally for these tasks we try to accomplish them just using us, the two resources on the farm, but it may

Its time for vineyard cover crops With the ground temperatures soon starting to drop (it is early November after all!) at Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we were deciding on the best way forward relating to fertilising our vineyard ally. Last year due to excessive workloads and many farm projects we did not manage to get cover crops inut it was how it was then,  the ground, I was very disappointed, this year we were determined to be more organised and get the BIO vineyard cover crops in late October or early November. What are Vineyard cover crops, why are they used? When you grow in soil, any soil, the plants you

Harvesting Olives, when? When we start to see the olives changing colour from green to black, we decide when to harvest olives. The trees in our land are separated by distance, location and some by altitude and all these individual or combined factors, lead to differences in; heat cool access to sea breezes humidity changes Machinery used for olive harvesting in our Olive groves In order to move forward with new technology and to help us work more efficiently, this year we invested in lithium-ion powered harvesting tools, these harvesting head tools are mounted on poles giving us up to 3.5m height in order to harvest the top

Do you want to help support our farm and help the environment? You can by assisting us to plant new Olive tree's thus increasing the amount of carbon our managed farmlands can absorb. Right now everyone is doing as much as they can to reduce their carbon footprint and slow the global warming that is occurring. At Tenuta Le Mandorlaie we have land available that is perfect for the planting of olive trees, the right soil and conditions that our existing olive trees love. Adopt an Olive tree in Italy We have put together a great adopt an olive tree in tuscany adoption plan, where you get amazing benefits while

With so many types of food products available, it can be hard to understand where your food is grown, was it grown sustainably and ally. We all have choices to make when it comes to supporting farmers who actively make sure they are working sustainably and in favor of the environment we all live in and growing food. Growing Organic food In order to ensure we are not only producing the highest quality extra virgin olive oil, and also working to maintain our soil and farm environment we wanted to let you know how we make sure that our products are , grown and produced sustainably. Our farm is currently

Well its finally cold, infact we are sitting at 2degrees outside today, and tonight it will be -1, its the time of year when the days are short and the nights cold and long. The project list is shorter. this year, but there are still many to get through. Keeping our kitchen garden running in the winter Yesterday, we spent some time making sure the greenhouse was nice and secure, and closed up a few gaps to stop the cold wind getting in, we also replanted some aubergine and Chili plants into the greenhouse alongside the tomatoes that have been doing well in there all year, and we can confirm,

We always wanted to be farming in the way known as BIO, or Organic so without pesticides, and using methods, so it was with this mindset that we started our farm, and look after our crops, be they grapes, olives or vegetables. When we started talking to our agronomist Francesco, we discovered that our land had been certified BIO, so farmed ally, however unfortunately the yearly payments to keep the application on the land, had stopped meaning that the land was just normal farmland again, and we would need to start the application process from the beginning. Three years of monitoring Yes, three years of logbook keeping to document

I always try to save money where I can, particularly when it is working on jobs I know I can complete or have the time to take on. More recently, as we are still working through an ultra ever increasing project list on the farm, I have been careful with the extra work I say YES to take on in between my other jobs around the farm. I knew some time ago that it would soon be time to fertilise the grape vines prior to them having a snooze for the winter, this time of year they are taking up carbs and energy to be stored ready for next

With the change in the hour, it seems the season has suddenly switched to cooler days, and much cooler evenings and the changing season means we are starting to receive regular rain, which although is good for all the plants, grasses and trees means that it can be difficult, and sometimes impossible to work on the ground doing vineyard work as the damage to the soil would be greater due to the boggy conditions. Ultimately working on the soil when it is waterlogged leaves scars that take forever to cover with grasses or the ground cover we sow, normally fava beans which as a cover crop in the vineyard

We always like to leave the natural habitat in the olive groves alone, not disturbed, we know it is home to so many animals, insects and flowers and having a healthy ecosystem I think goes a long way to reducing any need for pest control, we let nature do the work. Before the olive harvest we like to cut the grass to facilitate laying of the nets and basically navigating the olive grove and this year due to the early spring rains, that occurred very frequently, the grass really got some good growth in with some grasses growing up to 2metres. Laying the nets is very time consuming, so prior